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Adding a camera to the app, iOS version.

Adding a camera is easy and can be done in a number of ways, these are outlined below.

To start with unpackage your camera and set it up connecting the ethernet cable firstly to your camera then to a spare port at the back of your router, then attach the supplied power supply unit to the camera and power it up.

Make sure you have installed the app onto your phone, for a guide on this click here.

Open the app on your phone and tap the ADD button in the top left hand side. This will open the page shown below. 

If your phone is connected to the same local network as the camera you will see the cameras UID code shown in the list, tap this to be taken to the final page, enter the camera's password into the password field then tap Connect, by default this is admin ins lowercase.

If you have changed the password you will need to use your new password, note this should be no more then 12 characters long and contain alphanumeric characters only, no special characters or spaces.

The app will make a connection to the camera which may take a moment before reporting"connected", now tap save to store the camera's details.

Alternately you can enter the UID code manually or scan the cameras QR code to connect.

To enter the UID code manually click add on the Add Camera page then input the UID code and password details as required.

To scan the QR code tap QRCode, this will open the camera, lineup the code inside the box as directed to scan this in.

Once saved you will be taken back to the "My Camera" page and your new camera will be shown in the list. Tap this to view the cameras live feed.

You may now want to setup the WiFi on the camera, to do so click here.

You may also want to access the camera's full settings area, to do so click here.