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Setting up the Wifi connection in the Ucam247live app

Once you have added the camera and it is showing as online you can setup the WiFi connection. To do this tap on the blue arrow next to the camera and select the Edit Camera icon, then tap on Advanced Setting and WiFi Setting.

The camera will then scan the local area for any WiFi networks and list them. Select your WiFi network from the list. Enter your WiFi password and tap on OK (the WiFi password can usually be found on a sticker on your router). Once the camera is connected to the WiFi network a red tick will be shown.

To get the camera running over WiFi you should now power down the camera and close the app, disconnect the ethernet cable, power up the camera, wait 2-3 minutes, then open the app and wait for the camera to connect. 

Note: You will also see the strength of the camera's WiFi connection on the WiFi Setting page. This should be at least 50-60% for the camera to have a good connection to the network. Once you have placed the camera in its final location you should go back to this page and check the WiFi strength.

Now the camera is up and running on WiFi you may want to setup the camera for recording, to do so click here.

Having trouble with the WiFi setup? Click here to see a list of common troubleshooting steps to help get you up and running.