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Setting up SD card recording.

To setup the SD card recording you should first power down the camera. The camera must be powered down whenever the SD card is inserted or removed, if it is not then the camera will be unable to read the card. 

Next insert the SD card into the camera. For the indoor camera this will be a slot on the side of the camera. For the outdoor camera this will be inside the camera body so unscrew the front of the camera and then insert the card. When inserting the SD card you should push it down until you hear it click into place.

Once the SD card has been inserted, power up the camera, wait 2-3 minutes and then log in to the cameras settings area in a web browser (click here for help with this). 

Before recording you should format the SD card to clear any files that may already be on it. To do this you should go to Task, Task Management and disable all recording tasks. Be sure to click on Apply to save any changes before leaving the page.

Then go to Storage, Format SD Card and click on the Format button to format the SD card. 

When you see the popup message you should click on OK. Then wait for the format to complete, this can take a few minutes. Once you see the format successful message, give the camera 2-3 minutes to read the SD card again then reload the page or go to the System page and you will see the SD card shown as ready.

Then go to Task, Task Management and enable your tasks again including your recording task, for video clips this will be task 9. Click on Apply to save your changes.

To adjust the length of the clips you are recording you should click on "Record to storage on alarm". Then you can adjust the Split Duration as this defines the maximum length of each clip. e.g. if you have 30 seconds of motion with a 10 second split duration then you will get 3 clips each being 10 seconds in length. 

When making changes it is important to note that the shorter the split duration, the faster the camera will be able to write the file to the SD card and be ready to record again, setting this higher may mean motion is missed if it happens immediately after another clip is recorded. If in doubt we recommend leaving the settings at the defaults as shown in the image below.

Once you start to get recordings to the SD card you may want to adjust the Motion Detection page, for information on this click here.

For information on how to view the recordings on the SD card using your PC click here.

For information on viewing the recordings in the app click here.