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Viewing recorded clips in the app.

Once your camera is setup for recording you can playback the clips using the app.

For a guide on setting up the camera for SD card recording see here: Setting up SD card recording.

To playback your clips open the app on your smartphone then go to the Videos and photos tab at the bottom, tap the arrow to the right of the camera you wish to view then select the SD card icon. This will load the list of files which you can view by tapping the desired file in the list.

If a file does not load immediately don't panic, sometimes if your mobile signal strength or the connection is poor a clip may take a while to load or may fail to load if the connection is dropped.

If this occurs simply back out of the clip, give it a minute and try again. If you find the mobile connection is consistently bad and you have trouble loading your clips try switching over to a WiFi connection and this should improve.