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How to Enable or Disable Notifications to the App.

When you have set your camera up for recording you may have noticed you receive notification alerts to your phone letting you know that the camera has been triggered.

These are called Push Notifications and are enabled by default in the app.

Note that before you can receive these you need to have allowed the app UCAM247live to display notifications on your phone, this can be set in your phones settings area.

You can enabled or disable these as you want using the Alarm Records page in the app. To do so tap the arrow to the right of your camera and select the edit symbol, the message will appear as shown below, Stop receiving notifications from this camera, select "confirm" to disable the notifications and stop receiving these.

If you want to re-enable these follow the steps as before and when you see the message as below, Start receiving notification from this camera, select "confirm" to enable notifications again.