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Uploading images to Dropbox

The camera can be setup to upload images to Dropbox either when it is triggered or periodically, this can be a useful backup to the SD card recordings, or used instead of these. 

First go to https://www.dropbox.com and sign up for a Dropbox account if you do not have one already, the free account will give you 2GB of storage for your images. 

Then log in to the cameras web interface in a browser (for help click here) and go to Task, Task Management and click on FTP alarm sending. 

Select the Dropbox option and click on the Authorization button, then click on Next Step. A popup window or new tab will now open.

If you have a popup blocker installed you may see the message shown below, to proceed you should click on Options and then Allow pop-ups for the camera. 

You will then be asked to sign in to your Dropbox account, once you have logged in you will then be asked to Allow the camera to acces your Dropbox folders in order to upload files

You will then be given a long code to enter into the camera, copy and paste this into the field showing in the camera and click on finish.

Then you should fill out the settings on the FTP Alarm Sending page. For the example settings in the image below the camera will upload 2 images per second for 3 seconds giving a total of 6 images each time the camera is triggered.  The Alarm Interval should be set to at least 20-30 seconds to prevent the camera from uploading continuously which would fill up the available space on your account. The remote path will be the name of the folder the images will be stored in and should be in the format //folder/ e.g. //cctv/ or //camera/.

You will also see your name next to Authorization user, this means the account is connected to the camera.

Once complete, click on Apply to save the settings.

Then you will need to enable the task on the Task Management page, so click on Back, then tick the box for the task and click on Apply. 

Your camera will now start uploading images when it is triggered. 

If you are seeing to many uploads then you should adjust the cameras Motion Detection settings, click here for information on this.