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Setting up WiFi for an NVR

The NVR can be connected to your wireless network in one of two ways, you can either enter the details manually into the NVR or you can use WPS setup, if supported by your router.

To connect using WPS, power the NVR up without the Ethernet cable attached, then on your router press the WPS button for the specified time, (check  your router for this) usually five seconds, then press the WPS button on the rear of the NVR for 2-4 seconds.

Leave the NVR for a few moments and it should connect. You can confirm if this is connected by scanning for the NVR using the Camera Live program or the Fing app on your mobile and it should be displayed with an IP address allowing you to connect to it.

The other way to setup the WiFi connection is by manually entering your WiFi details, in much the same way as setting up the camera.

To do this you first need to locate the NVRs IP address, once found enter the IP address into a web browser. Click Settings then go to Network Wireless Setup.

On this page click search to load the list of networks in the local area, select your network from the list then click OK. Enter your WPA key into the WPA key fields then click apply to save these.

Once saved these will be stored in the NVR and as long as it is placed within the range of your Wfi router will connect upon bootup.

To ensure that the Wifi details have been saved correctly it is a good idea to use the test button to ensure that the connection is possible. To test this use the "test" button. Wait for the process to complete and you should see a "wireless test successful" message appear.

If so click back. You can now place the NVR on WiFi. 

To do so power off the NVR and remove all cables,

Wait for a few moments then insert the power cable only into the NVR.

Give the NVR a few minutes to boot and you will be able to access it using your PC.