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How to Download and use Fing.

If you are looking to setup your NVR using a mobile device or tablet you will need a way of locating the NVRs IP address. This is where the Fing app comes in handy as this is a network scanning tool that locates and displays all your network devices with their IP addresses including the NVR.

To grab Fing go to the App store or Play store on your mobile phone or tablet. Download and install the app. Make sure your NVR is connected up to the same router as the phone you are using, then open the app, it will scan the network and display all your connected devices in a list.

To find the NVR look for the device NV808 by Shenzhen Ogemray Technology, and take a note of its IP address

Enter the IP address into a web browsers address bar to access the NVR, please note that the NVR can only be accessed from the same local network, so your phone must be connected to the local WiFi and not over 3/4G mobile data.