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Setting up an NVR for recording- NVR.

Before your NVR will work and store the video files from your camera you first need to connect it to your network and set it up for recording.

Before starting unpack the contents of the box, including the NVR itself, power supply unit and ethernet cable. Do not connect the NVR up just yet as you will first need to install an SD card into the NVR to store your recordings. The NVR can accept any MicroSD card up to 128GB in capacity but larger then 8GB. Insert this into the SD card slot as shown below

With the card installed the next step is to connect your NVR to a spare port on the rear of your router, make sure not to connect the NVR to a PC or laptop directly as you will not be able to connect to it.

Once hooked up connect the power supply to the NVR and power it on.

You can then use the Camera Live program on your PC to locate and connect to the NVR.

This can be downloaded from the links below.

Windows PC version

Mac version

Once installed on your device open the program and go to the Setup tab in the top right. Then click "search" once loaded select the item "nv808" from the list then click browser to open this in a web browser.

You will then be presented with two options, enter and setting, select the setting option and login with the NVR's login details, username: admin and password: admin by default.

With this you now have access to the NVR's settings area and you will see a IP address and path shown on this page, make a note of this now as you will need it for later.

Go to the System page in the top right and check that your SD card is shown as ready with the total and available space shown correctly. If this shows as "not ready" you may need to format the card before it can be used, to do so please follow the link below.

Format an SD card in the NVR

You may now want to setup the NVR for WiFi connectivity if you plan on using it in this way, to do so please click here.

Now you have the remote path of the NVR the remainder of the setup is performed in the camera and not the NVR. To continue the setup please click here.