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How to format an SD card in the NVR

Important note: Before you attempt a format of an NVR's SD card you must first turn off any connected cameras, these must not attempt to write to the card during the format process as this will cause it to fail. To ensure this does not happen turn them off until the format process has been completed.

To format the SD card in an NVR, first you will need to log in to the NVR interface (click here for help with this). 

Then go to Storage, Format SD card and click on the Format button.

Click on OK to start the format. Wait for the NVR to format the card, this can take a few minutes. When you see the successful message, give the NVR 2-3 minutes to read the card again.

You will now see the SD card showing as ready on the NVR's System page. 

If you are setting up the NVR for the first time click here to go to the next setup step.