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Setting up the camera to record to the NVR

The rest of the setup occurs in the camera's web interface so you can now close the tab for the NVR interface in your browser. Then you will need to log in to the camera's web interface (click here for help). 

Go to Storage, Storage Setup and select the Store to NAS option.

Then fill in the details for the NAS. 

The NAS remote path will be the address that you made a note of from the NVR, this contains the NVRs local IP address and must be in the format // where is the NVRs local IP address. 

Leave Authorization set to No and the username and password blank. 

Enter a store directory, this is the name of the folder the camera will be storing files to and should be a single word only with no spaces or special characters e.g. garden, driveway, lounge etc. 

Then click on Apply to save the settings. 

Give the camera 2-3 minutes, then check the camera's System page and you will see "Ready" shown under Storage. The camera is now setup for recording to the NVR.

If your camera is now recording you can playback and view your clips in exactly the same way as you would do with an NVR. For a guide on doing this using the UCAM 247live app please see the link here.

If you prefer to view your clips on your PC please follow the guide here.