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Setting up recording to a NAS drive.

As an alternative to the SD card recording directly in the camera you can record to a NAS drive on your local network.

To set this up you will need to know the following details about your NAS drive,

Remote path,

Authorization, if set in the drive, as well as the username and password for this.

Store directory that you wish to store the data to.

You then need to enter these into the camera's Storage setup page, Login to settings then go to Storage- Storage Setup

To access the settings area see, Locate the cameras IP address.

Enter your NAS details into the required fields until you get something that looks like the example below, note the specific details you need to enter will be different as they will be those of your NAS drive.

Once entered correctly hit apply to save these. The camera will now send any recorded video files to the NAS drive specified instead of to an SD card or other source.