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How should I setup the Task Management page?

The task management page allows you to set the actions the camera takes, this may be sending an email when triggered or recording continuously to an SD card. 

For the initial setup we recommend enabling just task 9 and recording to an SD card. Leaving this to run for a few days will then give you an idea of the number of recordings you will see. 

Then if you wish to make adjustments to the recordings that are being saved you can do so. For example, if you wish to record a series of images when the camera is triggered instead of video then you should disable task 9 and enable task 7 instead.

When setting a recording task you should only have one of these enabled at any time as having more than one of the same type of task active can cause issues and will create duplicate data, for example having video recording on alarm (task 9) as well as snapshots on alarm (task 7) is unnecessary. 

Alternatively if you wish to setup email alerts you should have only one of the email tasks (task 1 and 2) active at a time.

Efficient setup of this page requires that you bear in mind the camera only has limited processing power and inbuilt memory and like any other device if overloaded will slow down and may crash. It is with this in mind we recommend that only tasks you intend to use are enabled and no duplicate or incomplete tasks are active.

If using the motion triggered tasks it is essential that the Motion Detection page be configured correctly for your area as if the camera is triggered too often this will also slow down the camera operations. Click here for help with setting up the Motion Detection page.