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How can I access the camera in a browser remotely?

If you are just trying to view the camera's live feed remotely on a PC, then the best way to do this will be to use Camera Live, click here for information this.

If you are looking to access the camera interface in a browser remotely you can do so by entering the camera's remote IP address and port into the address bar of your web browser. 

The camera's remote IP and port can be found either in the Ucam247live app on a mobile device or through the camera interface when connected locally.

In the app you should go to Edit Camera, Advanced Setting, About Device, next to Remote will be the remote IP and port e.g.

In the camera interface in a web browser you should take a look at  the System page (top right of the screen) under UPNP port forwarding.

Accessing the camera in this way is not something that you can usually test locally due to something called nat loopback and will need to be tested from a browser on a device connected to a different network e.g. 3/4G connection or neighbour/friends home network.

Note that unless you have a static IP address from your ISP the address will change from time to time, this varies by provider, some may change quite often while others rarely change. If you find the address you are using is no longer working it is likely that this may have changed. I recommend you check back again using either method described above and find out what the new IP address is and use the new, correct address instead.