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What is privacy mode?

Privacy mode will disable the camera's live feed, this can be useful if there will be a lot of motion in the camera's field of view the camera that you do not wish to record e.g. mowing the lawn, washing the car etc. 

When enabled the live feed will not load and will show a grey or striped image instead.

Privacy mode is available through the Ucam247live app and the camera's web interface. 

To enable or disable privacy mode in the Ucam247live app you should open the app and go to Edit Camera, Advanced Setting, Device Misc. Here you should set privacy mode to On or Off, then tap on Apply to save your changes

To enable or disable privacy mode through the camera's web interface (click here for help with accessing this) you should log in and go to Setting, Camera, Camera Setup. From here you can enable or disable privacy mode, then click on Apply to save your changes.

Be sure to disable privacy mode when you want the live feed and recordings to be available again.