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How to setup a schedule

Assigning a schedule to one or more of your camera's tasks allows you to define a specific time that you would like the task to be active e.g. overnight recordings, email alerts only during the evening etc.

To set a schedule for your camera's recordings first you will need to log in to the camera's web interface (click here for help with this) and go to Task, Schedule Setup.

On the Schedule Setup page you should tick enable for line 1, enter the hours and days you want the task to be active and click on Apply. 

The schedule shown below will be active from 6am to 8pm seven days a week. To setup an overnight schedule see the notes at the end of the guide as this is slightly different.

Then you will need to assign the schedule to a task. To do this, first check the Schedule ID, then go to Task, Task Management, assign the schedule to an active task by selecting it from the drop down list and click on Apply. The schedule should only be applied to the intended and enabled task(s).

If you wish to setup an overnight schedule this will be slightly different as the hours set for each line cannot go past midnight, for this you will need to enable two lines and enter two sets of times. 

The schedule shown below will operate overnight between 10pm and 7am.

For this schedule you would still assign Schedule 1 on the Task Management page.

You can have up to eight different sets of hours for each schedule, however to start with this should be limited to one or two to avoid confusion.