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App crashing or hanging during use.

If you find during use of the app that it crashes, refuses to stream or hangs while streaming this may be due to one or more reasons.

Poor WiFi connection

If the camera does not have a good and strong connection to the local WiFi network then this can cause issues with the app as the connection may drop out or be very slow. For a guide on how to check the strength of the cameras wifi connection click here.

Scrolling through the app too fast.

As the app is connecting to your camera (effectively a remote device) over P2P it needs to fully load each page before you move on to a new page. For example, if you go to, advanced settings then tap the About device page too quickly the camera will not be able to keep up and the page will not load correctly.

It is important therefore to give the page a chance to load before moving onto the next page. For most connections this need only be a few seconds. If the connection is slow then allow a little more time for this.

Too many other apps open.

Depending on the CPU and memory on your mobile or tablet it may be that other apps are using too many resources. To this end it is best to ensure all other apps are closed fully and not left running in the background on your device to ensure the app can make the most of the available processing power.

Stream settings set too high when viewing using "primary HD stream".

If you use the "primary HD stream" option to view your camera this is using the full HD stream instead of the lower quality default stream normally used. This greatly increases the amount of data used, if this is too great for the connection the video feed may fail to load or may be intermittent or cause a crash.

So, for example, if you are viewing your camera in Full HD over a 3G or 4G connection the following factors can impact on streaming quality or cause the app to hang:

a) The 'upload' speed of the broadband connection where the camera is located is very slow and cannot handle the uploading of full HD data to your viewing device (mobile, tablet, PC, etc).

b) The  'download' speed of your device's connection is limited or being throttled for p2p streaming (e.g. by your mobile provider, workplace, hotel WiFi, etc)

c) Too many people are trying to view the camera at the same time thereby causing a bottleneck on your camera's connection.

In any of these cases we recommend switching back to normal viewing disabling the "Primary HD viewing". To do this via the UCam247Live app tap the Edit icon then Advanced Settings > Video Quality

In addition you may want to check your stream settings are set optimally in the camera. To do this see the guide here.