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How can I improve night vision?

Night vision is variable. Aspects of your environment in which cameras are installed will impact on this. Things like walls, trees and other objects in the field of view will have a bearing on night vision using the camera's IR LEDs. If you have powerful external floodlighting that lights up the area you are covering then you will improve the night vision as the camera will remain in higher quality daylight mode.

Typical range is between range of 10-15 metres. However, the spread of IR light can vary dependent on the environment and conditions. Outdoors greater dispersion can occur and lower levels of reflected IR light from nearby surfaces will result in a reduced range compared with typical indoor operation.  If the area you are trying to light outdoors is too large, or too sparse, or if you require coverage of a wider and longer field of view outdoors, or indoors, we recommend the use of separate IR illuminators or flood lights to improve the night vision of the required scene.