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Setting the camera to a static IP.

Setting the camera to a static IP is not something that is normally required and should only be set by advanced users that require a static IP for devices on the local network. 

Setting a static IP incorrectly can render the camera inaccessible. If in doubt you should leave the camera set to Dynamic.

To set the camera to a static IP you should log in to the web interface in a web browser (click here for help with this). Then go to Setting, Network, TCP/IP setup.

On this page select Use the following IP address. Enter an IP address for the camera, this must not be in use by any other device and should be the cameras current local IP address to prevent conflicts with other devices on the network. Enter the default gateway, this will be your routers IP address. 

Then select Use the following DNS server address. Enter the primary and secondary DNS IP address. These can be obtained from your ISP or you can use the google DNS of and

Click on Apply to save the settings.

When setting the camera to a static IP you must enter a correct primary and secondary DNS address, if these are not entered the camera will not be accessible remotely or through the app.