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Having trouble with the app on your Android phone?

We are aware that some users are having issues getting push notifications using the new v2.2.1 of the Android app. This is a particular issue on Android OS V8.0.0 and above. Our app developers are working hard to issue a formal fix as quickly as possible.

If the app does not work on your device please install a roll-back version of the app direct to your phone by following the steps below:

1) Uninstall the current UCam247Live app on your device. Don't just delete the app but follow the full uninstall process so that the files are cleared correctly and fully.

2) Open the link below on your device and download the APK file from Dropbox to your device. Be sure to download it directly to the Downloads folder to your phone and not your dropbox account


3) Locate the file in your phones “downloads” folder and install the app. Be sure to grant all permissions as promoted to ensure all features of the app work as before.

4) Once the app is installed you may need to add your camera(s) back to the app. If you do, refer to https://ucam247.helpsite.com/articles/12278-adding-a-camera-to-the-app-android-version

You should then be able to open and use the app as before.

IMPORTANT TIP: For now please disable the 'auto update' on your phone for UCam247Live so that it does not auto update the app to the 2.2.1 version again.