UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

Perform a Firmware Update

Occasionally there will be updates to your camera firmware, these contain improvements to the cameras operation as well as fixes to any bugs that may have been discovered.

To update first check the model of camera you have and then download to correct firmware file for your model using the links below to your PC/Mac. 

When you click on one of the links you will see the page shown below. Go to the top right of the page and click on the menu icon, then click on Download to start downloading the firmware file.

Save the firmware file to your desktop – DO NOT try and open it or re-name it – just download it for now. The label on the back of the camera or the cable will indicate the right model number for your camera. 

Indoor Cameras 

UCam247i (NC308W-IR) v6.38

UCam247i-HD (NC308W-IR-720p) v6.38

UCam247i-1080HD (NC308W-IR-1080p) v6.38

UCam247i-1080HDPlus (NC308SW-1080p) [New version only with SW in the model name] v6.79

Outdoor Cameras

UCam247-HDO1080 (NC328W-IR-1080p) v6.38

UCam247-HDO1080Plus (NC328SW-1080p) [New version only with SW in the model name] v6.79


NB: If you have an outdoor 720p camera please email support@ucam247.com as there are two versions of this camera so the firmware for your camera will be sent to you when you get in touch. 

To update the camera firmware follow the instructions below.

Please read through the instructions fully before starting the firmware update, ensure that you follow all the steps in the correct order and ensure you ONLY carry out a firmware update when you are on the same local network as the camera. We recommend the update is performed using Firefox or Chrome. It is important that you take your time with the update and follow all the steps including the waiting times. 

1) Launch the UCam247Live app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device and tap the left arrow to the right of your camera entry and then tap the Edit Settings icon . Now go to Advanced Settings > About Device and make a note of the Local IP address (e.g. 192.168.x.x, or 10.x.x.x etc. depending on how your router allocates IP addresses):

2) Now type the IP address (e.g. if it is into the address bar of your web browser as and hit return. 

3) You should now be at the camera's web interface. Click Setting and enter your login when prompted (Default username and password being admin and admin). But if you changed the password you need to enter the password that you set

4) Go to Task > Task Management and turn off ALL Tasks by unticking all the boxes under the Enable column – see screenshot example below. Click Apply.

5) Go to Tools > Firmware Upgrade

6) Click Continue > Browse (and locate the firmware from your desktop or wherever you have download it to on your computer) > Upgrade 

7) At this point WAIT for the screen to refresh automatically NB: don't click away or refresh this screen once you have clicked Upgrade or the update will fail and you may corrupt the software in your camera rendering it unusable.

8) After a few minutes the update will finish automatically and you should simply follow the Reboot step then shown on screen to complete the update install. 

9) Once the camera has been rebooted you can now go back to Task > Task Management and turn on the Tasks you need again. Click Apply.

You should now be able to verify you have the latest firmware installed by clicking the System tab in the Setting section of the camera's web interface. You can now use the camera as before. 

Note: If the camera does not reappear in your browser after the reboot in Step 9 do the following: 

a) Disconnect the power to the camera and after a couple of minutes reconnect the power and leave the camera a couple of minutes to reboot fully. Then check to see if you can access the camera again either in your web browser or the app on your phone/tablet. 

b) If the above has not worked then you will need to power off the camera and connect the camera to your router with an ethernet cable. Now reconnect the power and after a couple of minutes check if you can see the camera via the mobile app. If you can you should check the WiFi settings to ensure they are still intact after the firmware update.