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I cannot make a wireless connection with my camera where I want to place it.

If after placing the camera in your desired location you find you are unable to make a connection to it over WiFi this typically means the camera has been placed outside the wireless range of your router.

It is important to consider that WiFi is not perfect and does not cover an area evenly, depending upon the environment and structures in the area some locations closer to your router may have poor connectivity while those further away may have better.

Unfortunately this is something that is impossible to predict in advance and is something you may encounter when positioning your camera.

In these cases there are a few options you can try.

Firstly try changing the channel on your router, moving to a less congested channel may improve your connectivity and allow a connection where this was previously impossible. You can check the other networks in your area and then channels using the search function of the Wireless Setup page. Try changing to one not used, or used less, and you should find this improves. For exact details on how to do this on your specific router, contact your ISP or router provider.

Secondly consider relocating the camera, moving it closer to the router or moving the router closer to the camera may improve the signal and allow you to make a connection. 

Thirdly consider making a permanent wired connection to the camera. Wiring the camera directly to your router removes the wireless component giving a guaranteed connection that is much faster than any wireless connection. If this is not practical due to distance you may find devices like Power line Adapters helpful as these can make up the distance using your existing house wiring. 

Similarly adding a wireless repeater to the network close to the camera may allow you to make the connection possible.