UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

How to install and use Camera Live on a compatible Windows or Mac PC/laptop

Camera Live is a free program for you Windows PC or Mac that can be used to locate its local IP address and to view the camera's live feed locally and remotely. 

First download the appropriate installation file from the links below and install the program.

For a Windows PC click here

For a Mac click here

Once you have installed the program, open it and click on Add Video. Then click on Discover to find the cameras UID, or enter it manually ensuring it is correct and all in uppercase. Enter the cameras password ensuring this is correct and in the correct case. Then give the camera a name e.g. garden, drive etc. and click on OK.

Once added wait for the camera to connect to the program. When it is connected you will see a green icon next to the UID, you can then view your camera's live feed by clicking on the play icon. You will see the "No Video" message until you have viewed the live feed for the first time and the program can produce a thumbnail image from this.

To use Camera Live to find the camera's local IP address and access the web interface click here