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SD card not showing as ready or showing an incorrect size.

Unfortunately if this is the case 9 times out of 10 the issue is with a low quality or potentially counterfeit SD card.

If the card is showing an incorrect size you may be able to restore the card to the correct size by performing a top level format of the card using your PC. To do this insert the card into a card reader on your PC, then open File Explorer.

Click My Computer then click your SD card's name under "Devices and drives". Click the Manage tab then click format. Click the "File System" box. and a drop-down menu will appear select the most appropriate for your card from following options:

Click Start, then click OK. Windows will begin formatting your SD card. Click OK when prompted to complete the process.

This should restore the card to the correct format, turn your camera off and place the SD card back in the unit before powering it up. Consult the camera's System page and check the space shown under "storage". This should be close to or exactly the size shown on the SD card packaging, no more than 1GB larger or smaller than advertised.

If the correct size is not shown you likely have a faulty card and we would recommend you discontinue use of the card immediately and seek a replacement.