UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

Cannot connect to the camera using the app.

If you are having trouble connecting to the camera using the app, however you can see the camera on your PC you may be seeing a p2p error.

If the camera is unable to make the p2p connection I recommend you try rebooting the p2p via the cameras web interface settings area.

Using the Camera Live program locate the camera's IP address and enter this into a web browser, from here login to Settings. Click here for help with how to do this.

Under the Network heading on the right hand side select uPnP setup, then select Disable before hitting apply.

Allow the page to reload then click Enable and apply once again.

 When the page has reloaded check the cameras System page using the link in the top right hand side. Check under the p2p heading and this should state "success". 

If so check your connection in the app and this should be restored allowing you to connect and view the camera once again.

Is the camera set to a static IP? If so click here to ensure this is setup correctly.