UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

Live feed or playback is jerky and not smooth

The first thing to check will be that the camera has a strong WiFi connection. This can be checked in the app by going to Edit Camera, Advanced Setting, WiFi Setting and should be at least 50-60%. A poor WiFi signal can cause the playback of the live feed to be poor. Click here for advice if the WiFi signal strength is poor.

If the WiFi connection is strong, the next thing to check will be that the stream setup is set appropriately for your network. The defaults for this are below and can be found by logging in to the camera's web interface and going to Setting, Camera, Stream Setup.

The H.264 bitrate should be left at the default of 1536, raising this can cause the camera to send more data than your router can cope with causing a jerky live stream.

The MJPEG stream should not be set higher than the default of 50. This is an uncompressed stream that is used for the cameras motion detection, not for recording or streaming, raising this can cause issues with the streaming as it puts a high load on the camera.

You should also check that you do not have too many tasks enabled, conflicting tasks can cause issues with the camera's ability to stream well. You should only have one of task 7, 8, 9 or 10 enabled at any one time. For more information on setting up the task management page click here.