UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

Forgotten your password or getting a wrong password message?

If a password has been forgotten unfortunately there is no way to recover these as this would compromise the camera security.

The default username and password for the camera will be "admin" e.g.:

Username:     admin
Password:      admin

We recommend trying these first to see if they allow you to login. 

These must be entered all in lowercase and should be double checked as some devices such as iPhones/iPads will set the first letter to uppercase automatically.

When changing the password this should be in alphanumeric characters (i.e. a,b,c... 1,2,3...) only with no special characters or spaces.

If the default password has been changed you cannot recall what you set it to you will need to reset the camera to the factory defaults to regain access. 

NB: When you reset a camera it will reset it to factory defaults (and will lose the WiFi details you currently have set) so you should only perform a reset while your camera is connected to your router with an ethernet cable.

To do this can you:

1) Remove all cables connected to the camera.
2) Remove any SD card from the camera.
3) Wait 10 mins.
4) Connect the ethernet cable to the camera and your router, you should hear a click when the cable is connected.
5) Wait 2 mins.
6) Connect the power cable to the camera.
7) Wait 5 mins for the camera to power up.
8) Locate the camera's reset button or recess.

For the outdoor camera this will be a button on the underneath of the camera or on the end of a cable.
For the indoor camera this will be a recess on the back of the camera that can be pressed with a paperclip or similar.

9) Press and hold for 20 seconds and release.
10) Wait 5 mins for the camera to reset ensuring it remains connected to your router with the ethernet cable throughout.

Then once the camera is reset can you log in to the camera interface using the default username and password which is "admin"

As the camera has been reset it will be at the factory defaults once again, so you will need to setup your camera again with the WiFi details, etc. as if from new.

To do this take a look at the setup guides in the section below.