UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

Cannot connect to the camera remotely using the app.

Are you having trouble connecting to the camera using the app on your phone? This may be a p2p error. The camera and app use p2p to connect, if the camera is unable to connect to the p2p server then it will not be viewable via the app. Click here to check and resolve this.

Has the camera been set to a static IP? We do not recommend setting the camera to a static IP as this is not usually required and can render the camera inaccessible if setup incorrectly. Click here to check this has been setup correctly. 

Is the UID correct and all in uppercase? If any character in the cameras UID is not in uppercase it will not be able to connect to the app remotely. If this is the case, delete the camera from the app and add it again. For help with this click here for an Android device and click here for an iOS device.