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How can I transfer video clips from an SD card in the camera to my computer?

If you are looking to transfer recordings from an SD card installed in the camera to you computer over WiFi this is limited to one file at a time for practical reasons:

1) If your SD card had, for example, 128GB of clips it would not only be very cumbersome to transfer that quantity to your computer over your local WiFi but potentially slow down your local network too. As SD cards have very limited file speeds transferring this magnitude of data may also take a very long time to offload.

2) It is also impractical or unwise to transfer en masse as it would also cause a slow down of the camera's capabilities for the time while the transfer is progressing, and your camera could miss key motion events from being recorded.

Solutions? There are a number of options available to you:

- You can browse the recordings stored on your camera directly from a web browser and check which recordings are important to keep. You can play back the clips in your browser without needing to download to your computer first. Click here for a guide on how to do this.

- You can set the sd card to auto overwrite so that it automatically deletes the oldest recordings when the card is full, so you don't have manually delete.

- You can use a number of tasks in the camera to automatically offload clips from the sd card (before they get overwritten) to Dropbox, your own FTP server, etc.

- If you really must download everything off the SD card the easiest and quickest way is to take the sd card out and insert directly into your computer (if it supports SD media) and then simply drag and drop the files off the card to your computer.

These are but a few suggestions. If you need further advice on the full range of recording and playback options do get in touch with our Support Team and they will be delighted to help.