UCAM247 Home Security Cameras Support Center

How can I use my camera without Flash player?

As you may be aware Flash plugin support is being discontinued for mainstream browsers by the end of 2020. As such the in browser streaming from the UCAM cameras will no longer be possible. The UCAM247live app will be unaffected by this.

We hope to receive a firmware update for the cameras to resolve this issue and restore the native web streaming capability however we do not currently know when or if this will be made available.

To bypass this issue it is still possible to use the Camera Live program to view the live feed. Simply add your camera to the cameras page and press the play button to stream the video.

You can also setup RTSP streaming to a media player like VLC following the steps below.

Firstly grab the local IP address of the camera following the guides at the link below.


Once you have this enter your IP address into the URL below.

rtsp://IP address/live/0/h264.sdp



Once you have this you can enter this into the streaming options for your media player, The steps for this are shown in the example below are for VLC.

1. Open VLC then go to Media, then click Open Network Stream.

2. In the popup select Network, then type your URL into the “Network URL” field.

3. Click play to save the details and open the stream, this will then start playing in the main window.